Interior Design – Essential in the time of COVID-19?

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Interior Design – Essential in the time of COVID-19?

Your first reaction might be to laugh at this question, but when you consider that the primary function of good interior design is to improve quality of life, it makes you think again. The coronavirus pandemic has impacted our quality of life in ways we could never have imagined. Here are some ways in which interior design can help mitigate the stress of being home and improve our quality of life:


No sooner had lockdowns begun than we saw ourselves changing the way we use, and even see, our homes. COVID has necessitated that rooms have new functions rather than the purpose for which they were designed…some rooms have become multi-function, while others are being used more than ever. Our homes are now also our classrooms, offices, gyms and studios. Good design considers all of this, and ensures your rooms can be adapted for their new roles.


Now that life has slowed down, this has been a time of re-assessment and changing habits and values. Our homes are more important than ever, as we work from home more, and interact with our families more, but we’re also looking at the world differently. We may be looking more closely at how our choices impact the world and whether we can support those around us who have talent and are in need of work. Environmental impact, sustainability, energy consumption, and supporting local industries are front of mind. Your interior designer can source materials and services to support these choices.


When we think of design, we often think in terms of form and function; does it look good, and does it perform well? Great design will go a step beyond. It will use space, color, light as well as materials, textures and furniture, to elevate a room beyond aesthetics and use. A well designed room can invoke a sense of peace, relieve stress, provide a refuge from outside anxieties, a place of comfort and security. It can promote calm and improve our wellbeing.

So coming back then to whether interior design is essential, my answer is: it may not be vital to survival, but it IS essential for wellbeing and quality of life, now more so than ever.